Principality Monte de Agrella


Monte de Agrella, a modern State and its Government espouses original front line thinking, leadership, and insight that proposes to spiritually lift performance and fuel human creativity, pinpointing a unique intersection that engenders practical perspectives and delivers industry results.

For “People-Principality-Performance-Prosperity-Peace”:

Birth Origination of the Sovereign and Independent State of the Principality Monte de Agrella was not possible without serious sacrifice and the commitment of significantly long standing preset goals and committed proprietary resources to match them.
For “an irrevocable pledge towards the clean-blue-green growth age of transformation”:

Principality Monte de Agrella, the newly recognized Sovereign and Independent State rises responsibly to take its place in the international arena.

For “current ‘international relations’ status” of Monte de Agrella:

Corporate Citizenship policy in the Principality Monte de Agrella functions as a self-regulatory mechanism…often incorporating ‘a joint effort’ to include philanthropy and volunteering known as the Monte de Agrella ‘Sustainopreneurship’ Pledge Program, which is an interrelated open economic activity that raises the bar in meeting the needs of the present (People-Principality-Performance-Prosperity-Peace) without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs (People, Planet and Profit)…
For ‘ethical’ business with a cause:

Our Specialized Executive Ministries, are charged to perform the necessary functions within the administrative powers of the Princely Government. For a deeper understanding of our Ministries accountable responsibilities, duties and functions, you may hover over your selected Ministry previewed below.

Ministry of Information, Technology, Media, and Communication


The Ministry of Information, Technology, Media, and Communication is one of the most important Princely Government’s executive Ministries which primarily connects our people to community, government, and opportunity, enabling trustworthy and reliable infrastructure and technology – we are currently 

supporting our people with a number of national agencies to provide Cyber Security, Data Protection, Media Development, and open and secure Communications networks. We are installing a new fully interoperable network of infrastructure linking marine fiber to satellite for faster more robust and clearer communication. We have gone digital.

Ministry of Innovation Science and Technology, Culture and Education


The Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology is one of the Princely Government’s most important NExT Generation executive Ministries, which not only invests, and promotes to encourage deep scientific research into leading strategic infrastructure, but is simultaneously responsible for promoting international scientific relations that improve knowledge 

research infrastructure excellence amassed by Monte de Agrella’s Institutions with other Countries in order to position and facilitate the potential for realistic application. We, Monte de Agrella, wish and intend, by way of our Overarching Scientific Initiatives, (granting, investing and amassing scientific intelligence) to empower the scientific causes we support.

Ministry of Peace

The Ministry of Peace is the executive ministry of the Princely Government, strategically tasked in extending by way of Education for Employment, Justice and Opportunity, and Science for example Clean-Blue-Green Technology, a new advanced system and methodology of sustainable stability, addressing social, cultural, political, economic, and humanitarian interests and values nationally, domestically and internationally, abroad. The new philosophy plays a major supporting role to the Country seeking to instill, stabilize and solidify Prosperity and 

Peace – we encourage cooperate and coordinate these efforts with a range of domestic, foreign, and inter-governmental bodies. We seek to instill confidence in our people and work for a secure and prosperous Country with global reach and influence. We seek to protect our people, preserve our way of life, territory, values, and proprietary and other interests at home and overseas, by way of Peace accords and agreements in partnership with strategic allies, to ensure our security, support our national and international interests and safeguard our prosperity of Peace.

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mundorum possibilium omnium optimus
ubi futura historia occurrit
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