Special Envoys

Ambassadors and Special Envoys

Currently corresponding with a number of Sovereign States affirming International Ambassadorial and Special Envoys Diplomatic Reciprocity Recognition Relationships including Trade & Industry.

Ambassadors can reside within or outside of the embassy; for example, Principality Monte de Agrella’s diplomatic missions may choose to maintain separate housing for our Ambassadors apart from their Embassies. Ambassadors residing outside of the embassy retain special protection from the host country’s security forces and the Ambassadorial residences enjoy the same rights as missions. Like embassies, such residences are considered inviolable and extraterritorial.

All missions to the United Nations are known simply as permanent missions, while EU Member States’ missions to the European Union are known as permanent representations and the head of such a mission is typically both a permanent representative and an ambassador. Special Envoys fulfill a more specific Role one mission at a time. European Union missions abroad are known as EU delegations.

Application forms are available upon request. dept.exterior@pmda.org

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