International Representatives of Principality Monte de Agrella

Principality Monte de Agrella, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Relations have recognized and officially appointed a number of competent, qualified and accredited International Representatives whose legations/portfolio duties range in varying capacities across the full spectrum of accountable responsibilities, in assisting our Citizens who currently live abroad, and to adequately and effectively represent the Principality in all fields of proprietary ‘cultural’ mission which relate, promote and advance, its People, the Principality and its Prosperity to All of the citizens of the world and their Countries alike.

The Principality has multiple Diplomatic, Socio-Economic & Cultural, Travel, Commerce, Trade & Industry, and International Relations in Development currently with as many as 129 UN Member Sovereign States: a number of which have as of November 11, 2014 officially recognized Principality Monte de Agrella as a Sovereign and Independent State.

These are Monte de Agrella’s Representatives listed below (and continuously being updated) in alphabetical order, in line with ISO 3166 (ISO 3166-1 {numeric}, ISO 3166-2 and ISO 3166-3 {alpha-country code}) – followed by the Name of the UN Sovereign State, the Title and Name of the Representative and his/her Co-ordinates:

Classification & Categorization:

ISO 3166 (ISO 3166-1 {numeric}, ISO 3166-2 and ISO 3166-3 {alpha-country code}) – Sovereign State Name of Ambassador/Consulate/Plenipotentiary/Special Envoy/Cultural Attaché/ Address: telephone/facsimile/email/website

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