Deputy Minister of Innovation, Science, Economic Development - Karl Bing Wu

Karl Bing Wu holds a Doctor of Science degree in Neuroscience from Johns Hopkins University, a Master of Science degree in Neuroscience and a Bachelor of Science degree in Bio-Physics from the University of Toronto.

Before being appointed Deputy Minister of Innovation, Science, Economic Development, Mr. Wu was based in Toronto. Mr. Wu designed, deployed, and is currently overseeing the operation of TriaxDAQ – the global electronic stock and precious metals securities facilitation and trade execution platform, with simultaneous real-time dissemination of trade and index data to worldwide information brokers (i.e., Thomson Reuters), and full back-office interoperations for internal self-regulatory compliance.

Mr. Wu is the Executive Director of Technology of The Noble Equities Trust Consortium Groupe of Companies; BCD de Noble Equities Trust Limited; Inter-World Resource Corporation Groupe S.A., Tri-Noble Equities Trust Groupe S.A., and Triax Global Exchange Groupe S.A. Mr. Wu is the founder, CEO and Chief Technical Architect of Horizon Intelligent Technologies for the past thirteen years.

Formally Mr. Wu designed, constructed, and operated the largest parallel render-farm of its time – consisting of 1024 dedicated processors in 1998.
Mr. Wu was one of the original partners involved in the development of customized computer graphics hardware and software with Alias Research and Silicon Graphics for high-end and real-time visualization – eventually spinning off to form Studio X Productions.

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