Sovereign Wealth Fund Trust

Principality Monte de Agrella Supra-Sovereign Wealth Fund Trust

• The PMDA Supra-Sovereign Wealth Fund Trust: 

H.S.H. Immanuel, the Sovereign Prince, founded and capitalized the PMDA SWF to pilot-lead his Capitol Mont’ Agrella Smart City, country and economy by example, and to enforce and underwrite all of the preset aforementioned goals reaffirming Principality Monte de Agrella as a truly modern and innovative self-sustaining Sovereign and Independent State, in alignment with and having risen to address many national and global issues amongst which is a serious catalyst’s attempt to stabilize Climate Change, loss of biodiversity and water resources, and to maintaining a clean-blue-green eco-friendly sustainable economy for the wellbeing of the Principality and its populace in their philosophy and daily life, as well as to promote and advance collective Prosperity, extended from the Principality worldwide to our holistic mother, planet earth.

• H.S.H. Immanuel, the Sovereign Prince, accepting Principality Monte de Agrella’s Membership in the United Nations, will announce His post-UN Membership overarching Eco-System PLEDGE, which is the SWF ‘Clean-Blue-Green’ exclusive ‘supra-granting initiative protocol’ extended over the next 10 years to 2024 nationally, but with an additive and supportive global approach to and:

a. in line with Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon’s United Nations SIDS-Dock Initiative;

b. in part to address and support “The Great Green Technological Transformation” a report given 2011 by Ban Ki-Moon – which is an aggressive but realistic attempt to curb and prevent ‘a major planetary catastrophe’; and

c. in line with and aligned to The Global Realignment Foundation Trust (TGRFT), to eradicate and sequestrate carbon, implement Clean-Tech, realign and rebalance a sustainable Ecosystem, all of which will be self-administered and scalably ‘managed’ in parallel to the build-out development of each sub-project enterprise ‘as and when approved’, by NAIM (Global Accredited Manager).

Monte de Agrella will be one of the world best performers in ‘environmental protection’ ranking Environmental Performance Index (EPI) (ranking hereinafter to be assessed).

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