Reigning Monarch, His Serene Highness Immanuel Sovereign Prince – Head of State and Government

March 21, 2014, is the Official date of the Declaration of Independence of the Sovereign State of Principality Monte de Agrella.

Immanuel de Agrella was crowned and ascended the Throne as the 1st Reigning Monarch, Head and Ruler of the Princely House of de Agrella MCMLVI

He is Officially appointed as the Head of State and Government of the Sovereign and Independent State of Principality Monte de Agrella, ‘The House’ from which the Principality takes its name, assuming His title as His Serene Highness Immanuel Sovereign Prince, ratified upon taking the Oath of Office, Pledging His Allegiance to Principality Monte de Agrella.   

He continues to Head and Chair uninterruptedly, His ‘Circle’ of Supra Resources “Special Purpose Investment Vehicles”, Trusts, Foundations, Associations and Holdings, administered by way of Trust and His Family Office.  

His Serene Highness Immanuel, the Sovereign Prince is a Monte de Agrella citizen (by His Oath of Office, Official Coronation, and Pledge of Allegiance and Naturalization), as of March 21, 2014.

Reigning Monarch Profile Photograph

His Serene Highness Immanuel Sovereign Prince is schooled, has read, and is disciplined in perpetuity as a ‘scholar and seeker’ in Philosophy, Metaphysics, Pure Logic (Mathematics), Ethics, Aesthetics, Epistemology, Theosophy, and Political Science. His Serene Highness has a thirsting curiosity to question as a scientist all things and discover their essence and truth, with the overarching intent to add value wherever he may. His Serene Highness is overwhelmingly generous granting unparalleled commitments and pledges towards Philanthropic Endeavors in an uplifting restitutive and rehabilitative effort of preserving Mother Earth…

Enrichment blessed, spiritually, financially, intellectually, and human culturally, over the past half-century, the Rebirthing of the Principality has become a Natural Calling, a challenge His Serene Highness has risen to…

Before becoming Head of State and Government of Principality Monte de Agrella, His Serene Highness Immanuel Sovereign Prince embracing ‘sustainopreneurship’ a NExT-Mega Trend business Model, is best known from 1972 to date, for his specialized expertise in the primary precious metals, minerals & mining industry, the secondary beneficiation industry of precious metals refining, legal tender minting, gold chain jewelry design and craftmanship-manufacture, diamond and gemstones cutting and appraising, and integrating global marketing of the entire vertical holding – operational pipeline ranging from native precious metals (raw) through bullion electrolytic refining and minting to end luxury (rare) tertiary international marketing and distribution.

His Serene Highness Immanuel Sovereign Prince, the Originating Founder is widely respected as a leading ‘private proprietary capital’ alpha-origin-initiating-investor and savvy sophisticated financier in the vertically integrated precious metals and gemstone industry, investment advisory – investment resource banking industry, insurance and financial industries technologies spanning the capital markets – further known in these closed Mega-Trend business financing circles for his innovation, idealism, uncompromising integrity, and visionary foresight. For a half century, His Serene Highness acting as: Principal Trustee of His Supra Special Purpose Investment Trust; Supreme Organ of His Supra Realignment Foundation; Honorary President and Chair of His Supra Association, as chief business design architect, refining financial engineer, seasoned advisory advocate, administrator and wealth builder; Executive Chairman and CEO of His Supra Flagship Groupe of “Milliard” Holding; is by way of Special Purpose Vehicle and Family Office, the continuing administrative protector and preserver of the entire vertical capitalized Groupe Holding (& operational) pipeline’s net income & revenue income-stream (‘Supra Resources’).

Since 2004, His Serene Highness has orchestrated and undergone a financial paradigm shift, moving from being private “trust-held” of multiple unlisted Milliard Holdings, to private “trust-held” of multiple publicly listed Milliard Holdings being admitted to a bespoke precious metals currencies and stock securities instrumentation facilitation platform and exchange. These vertically integrated Supra Resources special purpose cross-pollinated investment ‘Holding’ businesses range across all the Capital Market Sectors from strategic Finance to primary Resource Industries, and from Insurance to Industries ‘FinTech’ Technologies…

As Principal Trustee, Supreme Organ, Chief Business Design Architect and Refining Financial Engineer, President, Executive Chairman and Special Advisory Council to His Serene Highness’s “Trust-Held” Synthesis Groupe of Supra Special Purpose Investment Holding Vehicles, His Serene Highness has established an unparalleled self-sustaining tax-efficient closed-loop global framework wealth-built ‘model’ that efficiently maximizes capital growth and income. Active and effective Asset Allocation and Strategic Investment shifts from an Analogue perspective, to a Digital one.

Since 2013 with sufficient “Supra Resources”, a House Motto of “Imagination, Integrity, Industry”, and a Principality Motto of “Where History meets Future” is to be discovered “The Best of all possible Worlds”, the Rebirth: Monte Agrella, Monte de Agrella, Principality Monte de Agrella. Holistically, “People-Principality-Performance-Prosperity-Peace”.

His Serene Highness Immanuel Sovereign Prince is fully conscious of the adverse effects of Climate Change and has become passionately motivated to create a pilot-led, clean-blue-green prosperous and sustainable Capital Smart-City, Country and Ecology for his People, his Principality and for Posterity. His Serene Highness has resolved to establish and create a Strategic Socio-Economic Development SWF by way of The Principality Monte de Agrella Sovereign Wealth Fund Trust (“T PMDA SWF T”), a Supra Resources Trust to launch the Sovereign Wealth Fund to act as catalyst for sustainable entrepreneurial development over the next + 40 years in parallel and aligned to The Global Realignment Foundation Trust (“TGRFT”), first launched in 2004, a significant philanthropic endeavour focused on the eradication and sequestration of Carbon in order to rehabilitate and realign the planet by way of restitution in a catalyzing attempt to return mother earth to its natural, balanced, and cleaner-breathing state and to further enhance and promote a self-sustaining clean-blue-green – FinTech resourced ecology and eco-system today, and a better future for Humanity as a whole.

Having only two principal country residences in his lifetime, South Africa for 33 years, and Monaco for 24 years, His Serene Highness now calls Principality Monte de Agrella, his home.

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