National Budget

Principality Monte de Agrella’s ‘National Budget’ has been guaranteed to 2054

Principality Monte de Agrella has signed a long-term Specialized Sovereignty Agreement which translates into and securitizes a long term Royalty Agreement providing the Principality a significant scalable Income Stream to adequately satisfy the National Budget for the next 4 decades to 2054: 

Principality Monte de Agrella is financially secure and guaranteed a significant National Budget to achieve, sustain and maintain itself as a self-sufficient Sovereign and Independent State able to undertake its proposed build-out infrastructure and goals as forecast and strategically, specifically planned.

International Infrastructure and Development of Supra-Signature Projects:

• Supra-Signature Project 0001-0024: 

Principality Monte de Agrella has signed a significantly large fixed Sovereignty underwritten Licensing arrangement with the Ministry of Treasury & Finance (Extended Minting Act), the Governor of the Central Depository Reserve Bank and a Supra-Trust held Conglomerate (divided further into 24 sub-sister Member Corporations) in one ensuing transaction that will provide an irrevocable ‘locked-in’ scalable, self-sufficient, self-sustaining royalties income generating revenue-stream to the Princely Government extended for term over the next 40 years to 2054.

Ratified September 8, 2014  

(Arrangement commencement effective as from January 15, 2014)

• Supra-Signature Project 0025-0078: 

The resolute spin-off triggers and activates the signing of a second securitized sub-complimentary arrangement with a second Supra-Trust held Conglomerate and Consortium Groupe of 53 Member Corporations in one ensuing transaction whose reach ranges across the entire global capital market sectors to collectively provide collateral socio-economic advocacy advisory management, administrative services and Proprietary Equity-Driven Capital Finance to maintain in perpetuity the self-Sustainable Infrastructural Development Smart-City Build-Out and Management of Principality Monte de Agrella on a turn-key cost tendered and delivery insured basis.

Ratified September 15, 2014  

(Arrangement commencement effective as from January 15, 2014)

Monte de Agrella will be one of the world best performers in ‘environmental protection’ ranking Environmental Performance Index (“EPI”) (ranking hereinafter to be assessed post 2022)

GDP and HDI figures: to be announced.

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