Principality Monte de Agrella is an Independent, Sovereign State established within the framework and founded on general principles of international law.

After taking the Oath of Office on March 21, 2014, Immanuel de Agrella was crowned and enthroned as the first Reigning Monarch, Sovereign Prince, and Head of State and Government of Principality Monte de Agrella.

The territory of the Principality is inalienable. The Constitution of May 5, 2014, published by the Single Purpose Association: Supra Advocacy Committee on behalf of the State, defines the nature of the Government of the Principality as a Hereditary, Constitutional Monarchy: the power of the Reigning Sovereign and his Government shall be exercised in accordance with and within the framework of the Constitution, whose rules are mandatory on the part of, and take precedence over, all Institutions. (except by international treaty).

The Principality Monte de Agrella has as of November 11, 2014, officially been recognized by a number of International Sovereign UN Member States as a Sovereign and Independent State.

The State

At only 28.28 km2, borders pending final negotiations completing, the Principality Monte de Agrella stands as the third-smallest state in the world. Nestled atop a mountainous plateau and bordered on three sides by the neighboring Italian Ligurian municipalities of Perinaldo, Vallebona, Ospedaletti, and San Remo, the picturesque territory includes the former historic and ancient municipal commune of Seborga.

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